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Chat Rules:

1. No spamming.

2. No asking for personal info. (Ex: asking where you live address. City is fine.

3. Mild cussing allowed.

4.Don't ask to become a moderator or a co-founder. The original owners are Pika_Chan,  and KeriRed.

5. Have fun! 

  Hi everyone! I'm May A.K.A Pika_Chan xD. This is a short  biography about me!



Username: Teampikachu1127 (add me xD)

From: London,England but I'm currently in Ottawa, Canada.

Besties: cupcupcake117,moviestar738, and nathanielmotte (hes my one xD)

I'm usually on White Seal or Amber Armadillo. I'm in charge of the art on Fantage Nyan Cats! 

Now its Keris turn xD



Living at: NY

User: mervampspy

I have friends that are real. (includes May)

My servers are Green Giraffe and Rainbow Toucan.



Lives at: Columbus, Ohio

My bestie is teampikachu1127 (May)

Thanks and enjoy the blog!


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